Check the PH and Sanitiser levels using a test strip; always adjust the PH first using  PH+ or PH- to attain a PH of between 7.4 – 7.6. Adjust sanitiser accordingly either by placing chlorine tablets into the skimmer or adding chlorine granules in solution to the spa water.


Add Spa Sparkle to keep spa water polished and sparkling clean.
Add Spa Scale Away as required to prevent the formation of scale on spa walls, tiles & equipment.
Add Spa Foam Away as required to control foaming within the spa.
Oxidise the spa water using Non Chlorine Shock.


Clean the spa filters using Cartridge Cleaner to keep your filter free of grease, grime and oil.


Due to the build up of Total Dissolved Solids it is recommended that you fully drain the spa and refill with fresh water periodically to ensure that you bathe in constant fresh and pure water. How often you drain and refill the spa will very much depend on the spa’s usage, however it is recommended at least every 8 weeks.


Every Wizard Spaform Spa and many other models are fitted as standard with an Ozone Generator (If the bath you choose doesn’t have an ozone generator as standard it may be fitted as an optional extra) . These state of the art units are a recent innovation and have been designed and fitted specifically to assist the chemical treatment of the spa. The Ozone unit helps to clean and purify the spa water making it sparkle and reducing the need for additional chemicals, saving maintenance, time and money as well as prolonging your equipment’s life. Working in conjunction with the sanitiser the Ozone Generator makes your water feel softer, smell fresh and helps destroy algae, viruses and bacteria to ensure your hot tub water remains O’ so Pure and Simple.


It is important to maintain the balance of the water at all times to ensure water comfort, efficiency and protection of equipment. The main factors involved in balancing the water are: Sanitisation, pH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness. For this we recommend Spa Test Strips.


Available in the form of Chlorine (liquid, granular and tablet form) or Bromine (tablet form). These sanitisers act to kill bacteria, micro-organisms and algae leaving the water clean and ready for use.


The pH levels range from 0 – 14 with 0 being very acidic and 14 being very alkali. The recommended pH level for hot tubs are between 7.4 and 7.6. This level can be adjusted using pH Plus or pH Minus. This can be tested regularly with PH balance chemicals.


Total Alkalinity refers to the mineral content of the water and is made up of carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxides in spa water. Low total alkalinity can cause the pH to drift quite rapidly from one level to another leading to scale formation, corrosion of surfaces and discolouration of spa water. The recommended Total Alkalinity level for hot tubs is between 125 – 150mg/l.


The calcium hardness level of water will vary depending on where you live and where your water supply comes from. Low levels of calcium can lead to corrosion of equipment whereas high levels cause scaling of equipment thus reducing its efficiency. The ideal range for calcium hardness is 120 – 25mg/l. Calcium chloride and Water softener can be used to raise or lower the calcium level of your hot tub water.


DO Ensure that all bathers take care when near the spa
DO Read and follow all chemical instructions
DO Supervise all children using the spa and do not allow pets into the spa
DO Use a suitable spa safety cover on the spa when the spa is not in use
DO Keep chemicals in a cool, dry and secure place
DO Mix chemicals in water before adding to the hot tub
DO Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition
DO Enjoy your hot tub to the full
DON’T Drink alcoholic beverages before or during use of the hot tub
DON’T Mix chemicals together unless stated
DON’T Use electrical equipment near the hot tub
DON’T Allow the sanitiser levels to drop below the recommended levels
DON’T Stand on the hot tub cover