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    Manga + Robotic Pool Cleaner


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    Manga + Robotic Pool Cleaner

    An innovative wireless robotic pool cleaner designed to clean above ground & in-ground flat-bottom pools

    • Suitable for liner, concrete & tiled pools.
    • Intelligent “stop and go” system automatically enables the cleaner to turn around upon contact with the pool wall
    • Easy -clean filter bag collects leaves, twigs and small debris
    • Rechargeable Battery.  Type: Li-ion 4000 mAh, 7.4 V
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    Manga + Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Robot Pool Cleaner is an innovative wireless robotic pool cleaner designed to clean raised and buried pools with a flat bottom. It is an affordable and easy-to-use robot that is unique in the market. Its patented “Stop & Go” system offers optimum cleaning efficiency.

    • Cableless –  not restricted by power cable, it can be used for pools of different sizes.
    • Patented “Stop & Go System”: maximizes the time spent collecting debris throughout the pool, with less waiting time at the edges of the pool as with conventional robots with a timer system.
    • Rechargeable lithium batteries: immune to the memory effect, long life.
    • Versatility: works for both ground and floor pools with flat bottoms, as well as for all types of surfaces, such as vinyl, polyester, mosaic and concrete.
    • Water sensor: the engine is activated only when it is submerged in water.
    • Magnetic switch: Absolute sealing to prevent water leaks.
    • LED battery indicator: lights up during robot operation, starts blinking when 10 minutes of use remain.
    • Bagless waste management: spacious compartment to trap a large amount of waste with the textile mesh.
    • Directional adjustment: adjustable angular fins to optimize the cleaning path.
    • Recommended for pools up to 24 feet / 7.3 m in diameter
    • Waste capacity: 4L / 1.1 gal
    • Charging time: 5h
    • Flow rate: 50 l / min / 13.2 gal / min

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