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    How To Maintain Your Hot Tub Water

    It’s easy to think that all you need to do is fill your tub with water, heat it up and you’re good to go. However, there’s a little more to it than that. But don’t panic! Wizard are here to help you through it!

    Sanitiser (aka Chlorine/Bromine).

    Bacteria loves hot, moist places. This is why it’s important to maintain an appropriate sanitiser level to ensure any bacteria in your water is killed, before it makes a home for itself in your tub. The two main sanitisers in the hot tub world are Chlorine and Bromine.

    • Chlorine

    Chlorine is the most popular sanitiser, due to its cost effectiveness and fast acting properties. Chlorine comes in tablets or granules.

    • Granules

    Chlorine can be added by sprinkling the granules over the surface of the water. It’s recommended that you add the chlorine in small amounts to begin with to prevent overdosing. Leave the water for a couple of hours before retesting. Depending on the state the water is in, the Chlorine may have been used up, therefore you’ll have to add more. When the water is clean and properly balanced, some Chlorine residual will remain in the water.

    • Tablets

    Chlorine can be added through a floating dispenser. The benefit of this is that there is Chlorine being dispensed constantly, however it does give less control than using granules. We suggest you start by adding three-four tablets and adjusting the dispenser flow as necessary. It’s important that you don’t leave the tablets to completely deplete before replacing them. Retest the water in 2 hours to see if the levels have risen sufficiently.

    • Bromine

    Bromine is an alternative to Chlorine. Bromine is more expensive and works slower than Chlorine, however it’s a softer smell and isn’t as drying to the skin. When using Bromine tablets/granules, it’s the same principle as Chlorine. You can also boost Bromine levels by shocking the water with Non Chlorine Shock granules.

    How to check your sanitiser level

    To test your sanitiser levels, dip a test strip horizontally, about 12 inches/30cm under the water level, follow the instructions on the test strip bottle and compare the colour of the test strip to the colour chart on the test strip bottle.

    The amount of chemical in hot tubs is usually measured in PPM, which stands for Parts per Million. If you are a chlorine user, keep the chlorine level at between 3-5ppm. If you are a bromine user, try to keep your bromine level between 2-5ppm. It is impossible to say how much sanitiser is required as everyone uses their hot tub differently. Therefore we recommend that you test your sanitiser and PH level as often as possible and adjust accordingly, but you may wish to reduce these checks to every few days if you find your water doesn’t need adjusting that often. However, if your usage increases then return to daily checks.


    PH Level

    PH is a way of seeing whether your water is acidic or alkaline. The PH scale goes from 0-14: 0-6 being acidic, 8-14 being alkaline and 7 being neutral. You must keep your PH level ideally between 7.2-7.4 or you may experience some of the following problems:

    Common high PH problems

    • Scale build up
    • Cloudy water
    • Skin and eye irritation
    • Poor sanitiser efficiency

    Common Low PH problems

    • Corrosion of components
    • Skin and eye irritation
    • Poor sanitiser efficiency

    If your PH levels are incorrect, you may have trouble balancing your sanitiser levels. We recommend you adjust your PH levels before tackling your sanitiser levels, however never run your hot tub without sanitiser in the water. You can adjust your PH levels by adding PH Minus if your PH is too high, or PH Plus if your PH is too low.

    Shock treatments

    As well as sanitising your water, it is recommended to “shock” your water with a capful every week, with Non Chlorine Shock treatment. Shock dosing will do the following:

    • Break down Chloramines – sanitiser reacts with bather pollutants such as perspiration or dead skin and produces a less effective chemical compound called chloramines which needs to be broken down. Chloramines have a strong chlorine odour that is often mistaken for too much chlorine, and make the water appear cloudy.
    • Kill bacteria – some bacteria can become resistant to your sanitiser, so the shock treatment will destroy any remaining bacteria.
    • Remove organic compounds – people carry organic compounds on their skin, such as dead skin and oils. These can accumulate in the hot tub and cause cloudy water, but shock treatment will remove them.

    Water changing

    It’s hard to estimate how often you should change the water in your hot tub, as everyone’s usage is different. Water can only be chemically maintained for so long until excess starts to build up and your water needs changing. On average, your water should be changed every 3-4 months. We recommend you use a Hot Tub Flush prior to you emptying your hot tub. This will remove any debris/dirt and loosen any Calcium build up from pipe work, which will be washed away when you drain your water. Before refilling your tub, we recommend using a hot tub surface cleaner to wash the shell of the hot tub, before refilling with clean water. If you’d prefer us to do your water change for you, contact us and we can arrange one of our engineers to come out and do this for you.

    Filter Care

    The filters in your hot tub remove dirt and debris from your water, keeping it clean, clear and nice to look at.

    How do I clean my filters?

    The best way to clean your filters is to remove them from the hot tub and spray the filter evenly with Instant Filter Cleaner, let it sit to dry before rinsing the filter with a hose. To make cleaning your filter easier, check out the Aqua Filter Power Cleaner, which is a useful tool for making cleaning your filters quick and easy.

    Another way to clean your filter is to soak them in a container overnight with Instant Filter Cleaner solution. The solution breaks down oils and dirt from the pleats and gives the filter a deep clean. Both techniques are recommended.

    Allowing the filter to dry before placing it back into your hot tub will make the filter more effective as it resets the fibres within the filter. It’s recommended that you don’t run your hot tub without the filters in, if you have spares, put them in whilst you clean your existing filters.

    How often should I clean my filter?

    This all depends on your usage. We recommend you clean them once every 2-3 weeks. Heavy usage, such as parties or consecutive days/nights in the hot tub will mean your filters clog up quicker. However, you may experience your filters don’t clog up so quickly and the only thing getting caught in your filters is the small particles in tap water. So, you can sometimes gage how often you need to clean your filters on how often you use your hot tub.

    What will happen if I don’t clean my filters regularly enough?

    It is very important that your filters are cleaned regularly, otherwise the water flow will be restricted, causing blockages and the spa will automatically shut down. The following diagnostic messages may appear on your touch pad if your filters are dirty; FLO, Heater Dry, LF, DR, OHH, or — (two lines). To confirm that the filters are the cause of the problem, remove them and run the spa for a few minutes to see if the message clears. If the message still does not clear, then try switching the spa off whilst the filters are removed, and then back on again. Please note that you must not run the spa for long periods without filters.

    Extra water products

    Foam Away: This product will help reduce the amount of foam that builds around the edges of your water, depending on the amount, it may not stop it entirely. Foam gathers around the edge of your water when there are remnants of; natural body oils, deodorant, detergents, moisturisers, cosmetics, etc, in the water. Showering in your swimwear before getting in your hot tub will also help reduce the likeliness of foam in your water.

    Spa Sparkle: This product is a coagulant, which means it will gather small particles in the water together, creating bigger particles, making it easier for the filters to catch. This will help clear cloudy water and make your water sparkle.

    Scale Away: This product is for the build up on parts that you can’t see (pumps, pipe work, etc). Washing any Calcium or grime away that has built up behind the scenes.

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