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    We Make Magic…. Not Cakes!

    There are loads of myths floating around the internet, stating that things like bicarbonate soda, bleach, Fairy Liquid and Flash do the exact same as Hot Tub Chemicals, such as, Chlorine, Foam Away and Spa Sparkle.

    Well, Wizard are here to tell you that you should NEVER put these things in your tub. Also, putting household purpose made products in your hot tub, automatically voids the warranty on all aspects of your tub. There are specialised chemicals made for hot tubs for a reason.

    If you’re struggling to maintain your water or don’t know much about chemicals, check out our other post….

    This will tell you everything you need to know about chemicals. If you need further help, you can call us on 01159442211, and a member of our team will happily talk you through it.

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