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    What’s The Right Base For My Hot Tub?

    You probably have an idea of where you want to put your hot tub, however you’ve got to consider once your hot tub is full of water, it will be extremely heavy and will need good, reliable support. Once all the behind the scenes parts are fitted, you will start to see how the weight builds up, which will require not only a robust surface to sit on, but also an even one. A lack of firm ground can put a lot of strain on your hot tub body, which can cause many costly problems.

    Wizard want you to have the best, so here are a list of the best bases for your hot tub!

    • A Concrete Pad:

    You can’t go far wrong with a concrete pad. Everyone knows it’s strong, level and not hard to DIY if it’s a project you want to take on yourself. For the best results, the concrete should ideally be 6 inches thick and reinforces with rebar. The size of the concrete is all up to you, whether you want the concrete the same size as the hot tub footprint and build decking around the tub for you to walk on, or if you want to extend the concrete further and have a surrounding that you could possibly tile.


    • Decking:

    Decking looks great with a hot tub and is probably the most popular option. The main issue with decking is the weight going on it, the standard deck is not designed to put that much weight on it. It isn’t the deck itself, more the structed support beneath it. It will be a job for the engineer before fitting your hot tub, however it will probably just be a case of reinforcing the deck or using concrete under it just to be sure on long term stability.


    • Patio/Terrace:

    With Patio’s and Terrace’s, you just need to make sure they’re level and the foundations are strong and secure. If the patio slabs are just laying on top of a thin layer of sand or even straight on top of the earth, they may crack, slide or move, adjusting the level of the hot tub, which will cause strain on the body of the tub, cause problems later on. A properly laid patio/terrace should be fine.


    • Gravel Beds:

    These can work well as long as the gravel is placed on top of a solid, secure surface. The gravel will need to be level, deep and well compacted. It’s recommended to have a solid foundation surrounding the gravel as well. As you don’t want gravel seeping out from underneath the tub, causing you to walk on it and hurting yourself.


    • Hot Tub Pads:

    These are probably the easiest solution if you don’t already have a space laid with concrete, patio or gravel. All you need to do is dig out a perfectly level surface and make sure the earth is thoroughly compacted. The pads then interlock together and lie in the ground at the size of the hot tub footprint. You then fill the cavities in the pads with gravel or pea shingle, compact again and you will have a solid, level surface. This is a great modern solution and can look effortless in the best way.

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