How much does your hot tubs cost to run?

On average our 13 amp hot tubs cost between £1-£2 a day to run on the default filter cycle settings.

Our 20 amp hot tubs are around £2-£3 a day to run on default filter cycle settings.

How often do i have to test my water?

For personal use we suggest testing the water on a daily basis regardless of usage.

We recommend testing the water before and after use to make sure it is safe to go and that when you leave the hot tub the levels are still balanced.

How often do i need to chemical my hot tub?

We recommend checking and adding appropriately chlorine to the hot tub on a daily basis depending on your test strip results.

Do you offer finance options?

We certainly do! Check out our finance page for more information:

What did i do if my hot tub stops working or i think something is wrong?

Contact us striaght away via phone (0115 944 2211) or email ( and we with discuss with you any steps to take to make sure your hot tub is safe.

How long is my warranty?

We have multiple warranties on our hot tubs! go to to find out more!

What comes with your hot tub?

The price you see on our website includes the hot tub, a matching thermal cover, matching wooden steps, a wizard hot tubs chlorine starter kit and free delivery and installation with in 50 miles of DE7 5HX.

Where do i get spare parts from?

All spare parts are on our website or give us a call on 0115 944 2211!

We can offer advice and arrange repairs even if the hot tub isnt one of ours!

Where can i get my chemicals from?

All the chemicals you could ever need for your hot tub is right here: