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    Balboa VL400 Touch Panel and Overlay


    Balboa VL400 topside hot tub control panel and overlay with Light, Temp, Jets and Aux functions.

    • Manufacturers part number:55129
    • Length: 190mm Height: 58mm
    • Commonly used with: Balboa Duplex range such as the Duplex Value system, M1 series also the GS500, GS500Z, GS501, GS501Z.
    • Overlay included

    We are Proud to be 1 of the UK’s official distributors of Balboa hot tub parts.

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    Balboa VL400 Touch Panel and Overlay

    The VL Series of topside panels were designed to work with the Elite VS (Values) and GS (Global) Series of hot tub control systems.

    These panels support the advanced functions of the VS/GS controls that use Balboas patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and a new universal control platform.

    The sleek panels have LCD graphical displays with moving function indicator icons, maintenance reminders and service alerts on the easy-to-read screen.

    All panels ending with the same letter are interchangeable and hot swappable providing a wide selection of options and sizes

    VL Panels ending in D work with VS/GS systems ending in DZ
    VL Panels ending in S work with VS/GS systems ending in SZ
    The rest of the VL Panels work with VS/GS systems ending in Z (not SZ or DZ)

    The Duplex VL range incorporate simple LCD displays and easy to use buttons making them a popular choice with many spa manufactures.

    Balboa Duplex VL topside controls replace the older MVP series of controls.

    The VL400 is compatible with GS500Z, GS501Z

    • Topside Shape: Oval
    • Topside Buttons: 4
    • Dimensions: 190 x 58 mm
    • Topside Series: VL
    • Naked Topside MPN: 55103
    • Complete Topside MPN: 55129
    • Topside Connection: RJ45
    • Topside Compatibility: GS 5xxSZ
    • Topside Display Type: LCD
    • Overlay Display Cut Out: Yes
    • Overlay MPN: 11822
    • Topside Buttons: Light, Temp, Jets, Aux

    The VL400 is compatible with GS500Z, GS501Z. Balboa Duplex VL topside controls replace the older MVP series of controls.

    Important Information:
    Our range of Topside Controls must be installed by a competent individual or tradesman, that is trained within the industry. Topside controls and other computerised equipment are exempt from our returns policy if they have been opened or installed. If the topside control is suspected as being faulty, it will need to be returned to us within the warranty period and will then be forwarded to the manufacturer for inspection. If deemed to be faulty, we will replace under warranty. If the item is not at fault or is found to have been damaged due to installation, an additional charge will be required to cover the costs of shipping and return.

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