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    How to Measure a Hot Tub Cover

    While a cover may seem pricey, it’s a short-term cost for long-term savings. A cover makes your spa more energy-efficient as it keeps the heat in the tub, saving you money on your electric bill as well as on your water bill. A cover will also prevent dirt, debris, and bugs from falling into the water which, in turn, means less cleaning and chemicals are necessary.

    Over time, when left out in the elements you might need to replace the cover. When ordering a new cover, it is important to get a cover that fits well to maximise energy efficiency.

    • We do not recommended using your existing cover measurements as it will probably have expanded over time by soaking up water.
      When measuring your spa, always remember to measure from one lip to the other. The lip may be the edge of the acrylic or the wooden cabinet depending on your model. It is recommended to add around 0.5’’-1’’ to both the length and width to allow for easy removal, as too tight a fit will make it difficult to remove the cover.
    • This is the confusing bit for hot tub owners when they first order a new cover. Getting this right is really important to prevent heat loss through the corner of the cover.
      The easiest way to measure is using a carpenter’s square, however you can easily make one using strong cardboard. The radius length is from the start of the bend to the imaginary point of the corner if the cover was square. The smaller the radius, the more square the corner of the hot tub cover.

    How to measure different shapes

    • Square – Easy. Measure one length, you won’t have a radius and will only need a skirt length to complete your order. Be careful, most hot tub covers are not totally square and without a radius, double check to prevent errors.
    • Rectangle – Measure both lengths and specify which length needs to be the folding length. By default, we will assume that the cover folds along the long side
    • Square with Radius – Follow the instructions of a square cover and measure the radius.
    • Rectangle with Radius – Follow the instructions of a square cover and measure the radius.
    • Round – Measure the diameter of the hot tub cover and this will be sufficient.
    • Octagonal – Measure the length and also measure the length of each section on the octagon.

    The skirt that overhangs your cabinet is important to prevent heat loss around the edges. The length of your existing cover skirt is usually recommended or a skirt of around 6’’ is normal. If you have a wooden ledge around the acrylic, too long a skirt could lead to problems with the cover fit, ensure that this is considered when measuring the cover.

    Should you need any help with measuring your cover or advice then please call us on 0115 9442211





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