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    Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Tub

    New to the hot tub game? Had a hot tub for ages and are beginning to realise you don’t actually know the correct way to maintain it? Don’t worry, Wizard have got your back!

    Here’s a quick list of things to never do to your hot tub:

    • NEVER switch the power off and leave your hot tub full of water, especially in winter. This causes the temperature of the water to fall rapidly and you will be left with frozen over pipes, a frozen pump and an empty wallet to repair it. A hot spring spa is engineered to run 24/7. If you are not using it, lower the temperature to a minimum of 26 degrees, keeping your hot tub and your wallet happy.
    • DON’T leave your hot tub running and full if you’re not going to maintain the water. Water can become a stinky, muggy, unsanitary mess if you leave it without any TLC. Also, the clean up job isn’t glamorous. Unsure on how to maintain your water? Go to our ‘How to maintain you hot tub water’ blog, for the full run down on how to keep your hot tub happy.
    • DON’T let your hot tub cover get too heavy. How does it get heavy? The heat off the water rises and evaporates into the polystyrene of the cover, making it heavy and harder to lift. A heavier cover also means more strain on your lifter, leading it to break and another cost you don’t need. So every now and then, open the tub and let the collected heat escape, giving your cover a breather.
    • DON’T forget to clean your filters. Taking your filters out and cleaning them is essential for clean water and you should do it weekly, even when you are not using your tub. You should replace your filters every 6-12 months. Dated filters can become less effective and lead to your water being musty and foggy.
    • DON’T use your hot tub as a bathtub. It’s common for people to think your hot tub can take everyday bodily chemicals, such as; perfume, deodorant, fake tan, moisturiser, etc. This makes your filters have to work extra hard to keep your water clean and can lead to your filters becoming full and less effective, leaving your water dirty, foamy and scaley. You should shower before using your hot tub
    • DON’T forget about your Ozonator. What’s an ozonator? An ozonator produces gas that is injected into your spa water, killing bacteria 50 times faster than any chemical treatment, which means less harsh chemicals are needed for your water. When the gas has passed through the water and hits the surface, it reverts to pure oxygen. However, just because your water is really bubbly and seems like gas is passing through the water, it doesn’t mean adequate production of ozone. Ozonators need replacing once a year.
    • NEVER cover your hot tub with plastic or in an enclosed plastic greenhouse. if your hot tub is indoors, make sure the ceiling is high enough with a ventilator, so the Chlorine and vapour can escape. Putting your tub in a plastic enclosure can magnify the suns rays and trap heat, leading to your cover insulation to melt.
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