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    Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

    Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

    Many people like to enjoy their spa all year round, so knowing how to care for your hot tub in winter is critical. Relaxing in warm water while there’s snow falling can be the ultimate luxury, but you’ll need to get savvy about use and maintenance when it’s cold.

    Here are a few guidelines –
    • How warm should the water be in winter? We recommend between 37 and 39ºC (98.6 and 102.2ºF)  although this will vary from person to person
    • Check your cover for damage and make sure that it fits snug around the tub. A poor fitting cover will mean the tub has to work harder to retain the heat.
    • Brush any snow off your lid daily to prevent damage from the weight.
    • Change the water  and clean the tub before the temperatures outside start to drop.
    • Monitor the water level. Your water will evaporate faster in winter. If your water level drops below the skimmer line, it won’t be able to circulate and do it’s job to maintain an even water temperature throughout the whole tub. Circulation is vital to prevent freezing pipes. We recommend setting daily reminders to check your water levels and twice a day if you’ve been for a dip.
    • Jets get some of their power by using the outside air, when its cold it brings down the water temperature. You can still use the jets but do not over do it.

    If you chose to shut down your tub during the winter months then it is paramount that it is done correctly.  Failure to do so can cause expensive repair bills especially if water is left in the pipes and they freeze.when turning the tub back on. Winterizing your hot tub is protecting your investment.

    We offer a winterisation service here at Wizard. This includes,

    • Remove and chemically treat the filters
    • Full drain down with flush treatment
    • Jet internals cleaned and all residual water removed
    • Cabinet, panels, acrylic waterline and cover cleaned
    • All pump seals inspected for signs of leakage and plumbing unions tightened
    • Disconnect the pumps and heater and any water removed from pipework
    • Visual health check of all pipework and components and then tub turned off at the mains

    Here is an example of a customers pipework that had not been winterised properly.

    If you would like to discuss this further then please call a member of the team on 0115 9442211

    The importance of a cover

    A hot tub cover is good for keeping all your unwanted things out the hot tub, like; debris, bugs and cold air. However, the best covers also keep all the good things in the tub, like; warmth and water. In winter, the cold, dry air can make your water evaporate quicker and heat loss can make your heater work even harder to keep your water up to temperature.  A good cover should be waterproof, with a snug fit that creates a tight seal. It should also feature a thick layer of dense insulation to prevent the escape of heat. At Wizard, we recommend if you have one of our tubs, you get one of our covers, just to ensure your cover fits perfectly to your tub. If you don’t have a Wizard tub, we also offer custom covers made to fit your tub perfectly.


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