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    Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

    Using Your Hot Tub In Winter

    Did you know we do a winterisation service? For more info on this, call us on 01159442211

    • Invest in a good cover.

    A hot tub cover is good for keeping all your unwanted things out the hot tub, like; debris, bugs and cold air. However, the best covers also keep all the good things in the tub, like; warmth and water. In winter, the cold, dry air can make your water evaporate quicker and heat loss can make your heater work even harder to keep your water up to temperature.  A good cover should be waterproof, with a snug fit that creates a tight seal. It should also feature a thick layer of dense insulation to prevent the escape of heat. At Wizard, we recommend if you have one of our tubs, you get one of our covers, just to ensure your cover fits perfectly to your tub. If you don’t have a Wizard tub, don’t panic, we also do custom covers made personally to fit your tub. Like a hand in a glove.


    • Monitor the water level.

    At colder times of the year, your water is more likely to evaporate faster than at warmer times of the year. If your water level drops below the skimmer line, it won’t be able to circulate and do it’s job to maintain an even water temperature throughout the whole tub. Circulation is vital to prevent freezing pipes. We recommend setting daily reminders to check your water levels and twice a day if you’ve been for a dip.


    • Keep Your Water Clean.

    If you’re already on top of maintaining your water, then don’t panic. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to all of a sudden chuck loads of chemicals in your tub. You do exactly the same as you do in summer, however, you just need to be a little more conscientious about maintaining it due to the lack of opportunity to drain and refill your tub. Also be mindful about what you personally are taking into the tub, just take a few seconds to rinse off in the shower before getting in, so you’re not taking in any lotions or bodily oils into the tub. Which leads me to recommend that you drain your tub before the weather starts to fall below freezing. Leaving it too late can put your hot tub at high risk of frozen pipes.


    • Turn Down The Jets.

    Jets get some of their power by using the outside air, which brings down the water temperature, so by all means have the jets on, but don’t over do it. Agitating the water, exposes it to more cold air, which also increases the fall in temperature.


    • ENJOY!

    I know it can seem like you have a million things to remember when maintaining a hot tub throughout the winter, but don’t worry – you’re not alone. If you need any extra advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call: 01159442211. Where there’s a Wizard, there’s a way!

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